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Advantech ARM-based computer-on-module series bao gồm: RTX, Qseven và SMARC. Advantech cũng đã phát triển RTX 2.0, một nền tảng tiêu chuẩn RISC được thiết kế cho các ứng dụng chắc chắn như quân sự, hậu cần và quản lý vận tải / đội tàu.

Advantech AIM-Linux Embedded Software Services

AIM-Linux Developer Center

An one-stop resource and documentation hub for Arm- and Linux-based developers to simplify development and deployment with longevity.

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AIM-Linux Community

An online platform for Arm- and Linux-based developers to connect with each other - and with Advantech - to share knowledge, solve problems and extend your capabilities with Advantech Arm-based products.

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Product Categories

  • Open Standard Module (OSM)

    Advantech's OSM, the SGeT standard for PCB soldering design with NXP platforms, boasts an ultra-low power, miniaturized design for AIoT endpoints.

  • RTX

    RTX is Advantech’s standard ruggedized Computers-on-Module. It features 4 x B2B connectors, 2.0 mm PCB thickness, and wide temp/voltage range.

  • QSeven

    Qseven with 230-pin MXM golden finger design facilitates high-speed I/O connection in handheld devices, HMI, and signage applications.


    Advantech’s SMARC with NXP and Rockchip platforms use 314-pin MXM connectors to deliver high-performance & low-power features to the embedded market.

  • COM Express Type 7

    COM Express Type 7 with NXP platforms provides super speed I/O, high-bandwidth expansion interfaces, and 10 x GbE interface for data transmission.

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