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Standmount RISC-based Industrial Communication Gateway (ECU-1000 Series)

Cổng công nghiệp không dây thông minh ECU-1100 mới của Advantech là cổng kết nối dựa trên RISC. Với thiết kế nền tảng mạnh mẽ, giao tiếp không dây và Ethernet, hỗ trợ nhiều giao thức và tích hợp WebAccess, thiết bị được thiết kế đặc biệt cho các ứng dụng liên quan đến phát điện mặt trời, giám sát điện năng và nhà máy .

Intelligent Communication Gateways

Within the broad Industrial IoT field, governments, equipment manufacturers, factory owners, and smart city investors are seeking solutions that can help them utilize powerful data analytics to raise service levels and reduce operational costs. This means that the demand for an easy and reliable way to extract data from field applications is increasing. Advantech’s Industrial Communication Gateways are designed to simplify data acquisition and transmission. These solutions improve service quality by facilitating infrastructure connectivity, equipment monitoring, and energy consumption analysis. This allows manufacturers and organizations to obtain insights on usage behaviors and derive intelligence through the analysis of big data.

Feature Highlights

Industrial-Grade Design and High Reliability

Industrial-Grade Design and High Reliability

  • Designed with industrial grade IC with long MTBF.
  • IEC standard fulfills all mission critical applications.
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40~70°C).
  • Battery powered RTC, independent WDT, and TPM support.
Open Platform and Flexible I/O Extension

Open Platform and Flexible I/O Extension

  • Linux environment offers open and standard platform.
  • Develop your own applications with C, Python, or 3rd party libraries.
  • Multiple communication interface.

Industrial-Grade Design and High Reliability

Protocol Conversion and Edge to Cloud Solution

  • EdgeLink bundle with protocol support for data from field devices.
  • No coding support for Azure/AWS/Cumulocity/Sparkplug MQTT.
  • OPCUA/ODBC/JDBC IT software and SQL database for data support.
Azure and AWS Certified Device

Azure and AWS Certified Device

  • Built-in EdgeLink allows users to set up cloud solutions and manage the entire lifecycle of equipment, monitor factory energy consumption, and analyze renewable energy efficiency through AWS or Azure services.

Advantech IoT Academy

Cloud Enabled Intelligent Communication Gateway

Cloud Enabled Intelligent Communication Gateway

In this course, you will have a fundamental understanding of ECU-1000 Series.

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