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Smart IoT Sensor Nodes

Domain focus IoT application with WISE-2210/2211/2410/2834. WISE-2000 series is an all-in-one total wireless IoT sensing solution from Advantech.

Product List

  • WISE-2210

    Node CT Wireless Self-Powered LPWAN (Sub-G) độc quyền của Advantech

  • WISE-2211

    Mô-đun đầu vào analog LPWAN(Sub-G) Wireless Self-Powered độc quyền của Advantech

  • WISE-2410

    Cảm biến giám sát tình trạng không dây LoRaWAN

  • WISE-2410X

    WISE-2410X is an explosion-proof sensor integrates with an ARM Cortex-M4 processor, LoRa transceiver, 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensor.

  • WISE-2834

    Intelligent RFID Gateway

  • WISE-S100

    An intelligent stack light monitoring sensor target to fit a variety of stack-type light tower with very easy and quick installation.

  • 96PD-THS16B

    IP65 High Accuracy Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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